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! News - Inscription 2015

- Medium-Late Hybrid
- FAO 600
- Grain and silage production in second harvest
- Plant with a balanced size as typical producer of grain
- Elastic stalk not subject to lodging
- Plant healthy and green until harvest
Plant Typology
Plant Height Medium
Ear Height Medium
Stalk Quality Excellent
Root Excellent
Ear and Grain Typology
Ear Shape Cylindrical-Globous
N°of Rows 16-18 Rows
Type of Grain Dent
Grain Colour Yellow-Orange
Test weight (kg/Hl) High
Physiological Traits
Early Vigor Good
Stay Green Excellent
Dry Down Regular
Drought Tolerance Very Good
Root/Stalk Lodging Excellent
Disease Tolerance
Helminthosporium spp. Very Good
Fusarium spp. Very Good
Corn Borer Good
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