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For over 30 years the Agroalimentare Sud S.p.A. is involved in the selection and processing grain. The manufacturing plant based in Basilicata in the industrial area of San Nicola di Melfi, processes only barley produced by over 2000 farms in the Centre and South of Italy with which it has draws sustainable farming contracts viable for both the company and the farmers.
The company was founded in 1982 with the aim of raising the transformation of barley directly into an area suited to agricultural production in order to reduce costs and delivery times with significant benefits for the quality of the product. A quality, among other things, certified periodically by tests conducted by the most authoritative testing laboratories worldwide, admission card to prestigious markets increasingly important.
Agroalimentare Sud S.p.A. is confirmed as leading companies in the creation and selection of cereals and maize hybrids, as well as in the selection and marketing of seeds. Recently, in fact, Agroalimentare Sud has incorporated in his assets the company IVS Ltd., a primary research company working in genetic breeding of plant species with headquarters at the Parco Tecnologico Padano of Lodi.
ISTA and Veneto Sementi, will continue to exist as a brand of Agroalimentare Sud for the marketing of various seed products.

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